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What are my options?

Zoom In-Chair Whitening: This option includes in-house Zoom whitening at one of our clinic locations. With Zoom in-chair whitening, you can experience the simple, safe and highly effective procedure in the comfort of our practice.

A rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to protect your gums and other soft tissues against irritation, and to make sure you don’t swallow the gel. Your dentist will then carefully apply the bleaching gel to the surfaces of your teeth, which is activated by an LED light. The treatment takes about an hour and is carried out in stages, giving your dentist the chance to check its progress and to decide when your teeth have reached the desired shade. 

Take Home Zoom Whitening: With consistent use, the take home Zoom product can give you fantastic results! It will begin with two dental office visits. The first to make your custom-made trays, which will allow our whitening product to reach all the individual contours of your teeth. At your second visit 2 days later, you can pick up your custom trays and maintenance instruction pack.

When using an at-home whitening kit it is important to follow the instructions carefully and to visit your dentist regularly so your progress can be properly assessed. Take home whitening is very gradual. It is common for it to take multiple weeks to achieve the desired result and avoiding foods that have high colour content during this time will become critical.

*Inquire about our Whitening for Life packages at our Altima Dental locations.

Altima Morrisburg Dental Centre

Altima Morrisburg Dental Centre is located in the East End Promenade, Highway #2, just east of Ottawa Street. Our dedicated dental team is committed to providing the Morrisburg community with the very best dental services in an efficient and convenient manner.

Our spacious and comfortable dental clinic is nestled in the beautiful and historic village of Morrisburg, part of the Township of South Dundas, in Eastern Ontario. Nearby amenities include Pizza Hut, The Beer Store, Scotiabank, LCBO, Home Hardware, Tim Horton’s and the Morrisburg Post Office. We offer plenty of free parking just steps from our front entrance.