Special Promotion

For August and September, Altima Dental is offering a sizzling Summer discount on Philips Zoom professional in-chair whitening services and take-home whitening kits.

Philips Zoom is a leader in professional teeth whitening and is widely trusted in the dental community. At Altima Dental, we want to help you have the best teeth whitening experience and professional-level results you deserve with Philips Zoom whitening this Summer.

Starting August 1st, come into your nearest participating Altima Dental location to experience the Philips Zoom professional in-chair whitening services for only $295 (original price: $395).

Want to whiten your smile from the comfort of your home? We have also reduced our prices on Philips Zoom take-home whitening kits from $250 to $195. Ask us for more info on take-home whitening!

Want to keep your teeth white forever? We are proud to offer “Whitening for Life” packages; a terrific way to keep your teeth sparkling, for life. Get the best of both options by combining Zoom in-chair whitening with a regular supply of Zoom take-home whitening gel. Ask us for more details.

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