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Altima Kingston Dental Centre

Altima Kingston Dental Centre is located in the Kingston Centre beside Kingston's main city bus terminal, only minutes from downtown, Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College.

Our dedicated dental team is committed to providing the Kingston, Ontario community with professional dental services in a caring environment and to ensure that your visit is as convenient and efficient as possible.

We’re also happy to be able to cater to Kingston’s diverse communities by offering dental services in English, French, Arabic, Pushto, Russian and Urdu.

We provide ample parking, totally free, in the Kingston Centre parking lot. There are also numerous shops, restaurants and amenities located just steps from our dental centre, such as Loblaws, Rexall Pharma Plus, Shopper's Drug Mart, CIBC Bank, TD Bank and Wendy's.

We provide convenient dental appointment scheduling and weekend and extended hours to suit busy schedules. Altima Kingston Dental Centre also provides family dental scheduling so the entire family can visit together.